How to mine Hamster token; Complete Guide to Hamster Kombat

HamsterKombat Game ?

Combat Hamster Robot is a Telegram-based game based on the blockchain. You can get the game’s tokens, known as (HKC), by growing and enhancing your hamster.

These tokens have real value and can be converted into other digital currencies or cash.

In the brand-new Telegram project, Hamster Kombat, users can select a digital currency exchange and head it with their hamster to get rewards every day and earn money through the game.

How to Play Hamster Kombat?

Players control several hamster kinds and engage in combat in various arenas in the game Hamster Kombat. Every hamster has unique fighting skills and talents, ranging from varied strength and speed to using special maneuvers. The importance placed on skill and strategy in Hamster Kombat is among its most notable elements. Gamers need to develop their ability to predict

their opponent’s moves, execute their attacks and defenses carefully, and increase their reaction speed.

Download and Start Playing Hamster Kombat

Hamster kombat Telegram bot is displayed on Telegram, that’s why it is not a downloadable game. To activate it, you need to enter its Telegram bot and start making money according to the instructions below and get to know the different parts of the game.

  • First, open Telegram and search for “hamesterkombatbot” in the Telegram search section.
  • According to the photos you see, skip the steps and explanations of the game one by one to enter the game.
  •  Probably you will be  given tokens as a gift for being a new player.

How to Mine Hamster Token

  • Log in to the game every day and be aware of the game’s announcements about the updates and latest combinations.
  • For Hamster Kombat Bot: Click here to Start the “Hamster Kombat Bot”.
  • The platform boasts an active community of over 5,000,000 followers on Telegram. Being a member of Hamster Kombat joining an active expanding community of cryptocurrency


Considering the increasing acceptance of users for this type of games and the high potential of Web 3 technology, it can be said with certainty that a bright future is waiting for click games or tap to earn Telegram. These games are not only a fun way to spend free time, but can also be used as a reliable source of income. There is also a possibility that the Hamster Combat game is related to the Hamster currency listed in the exchanges, so a bright future awaits this token and its players.

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