Mastering Long-Range Sniping in PUBG Mobile

Ever since I first parachuted onto the PUBG Mobile map, I have been drawn to the game of long-range combat. Man, the satisfaction about landing a perfect headshot from hundreds of meters away is surely something. I am sharing the knowledge and the science behind this skill after countless hours and matches.

Weapon Selection and Attachment

The crucial part for any sniper PUBG Mobile is choosing the right weapon. In PUBG Mobile, the AWM is great. It delivers the best power and accuracy. However, it is a very rear weapon, you know, so you must rely on Kar98k or M24. Also, DMRs like Mini14 and SKS offer faster fire rate at the cost of PUBG Mobile sniper damage. Remember that your PUBG Mobile account level can unlock access to more powerful weapons.

Once you have got your weapon, attachments are key to maximizing your capabilities. 6x or 8x scopes are needed for tracking and spotting the long-range targets. Suppressor, yes, it will keep you hidden and reduces flash and noise. Equip a cheek pad and consider using a foregrip to control the coil.

Positioning and Timing

Marksmanship and positioning are equal. Carefully choose your location with good visibility (high ground). Natural covers like rocks and tress can also help concealing the location. If you have some UC PUBG to spare, invest in a premium ghillie suit.

Timing is everything. Wait for the perfect moment to strike, when your target is exposed and unaware. Take care of bullet drops and travel time at extreme distances. We can call it a well-timed shot if it can end an enemy before they even know what hit them.

The Ghillie Is OG

Friendship ended with other suits now ghillie is my best friend. This outfit blends smoothly with the environment. You are almost invisible when prone to grass or foliage. You can lie in wait for victims to wander into crosshairs but a ghillie suit and patience are the keys.

Always remember, though, that a ghillie suit will not make you invincible. Staying still and moving when it necessary otherwise it will still give away your position.

The Grind to Glory

Take it, you need to put in the time and effort in mastering sniping in PUBG Mobile. You can practice the aiming on the training ground. Also, practice with different weapons and attachments and study the maps to find the best sniping spots of sniper PUBG Mobile. If you are a shortcut guy, invest in UC to unlock premium crates and skins. However, again, skills and practice are the ultimate keys to success.

Final Thoughts

Sniping the hard yet rewarding experience of player’s unknown battleground mobile. You can easily lift the gameplay experience by applying the science behind long-range headshots and applying the techniques I have shared. You can become the best sniper PUBG Mobile on the battlefield by showing hard dedication. Grab your favorite rifle. Get the ghillie suit. Dominate from exact distance. Every headshot is a testament to your skills!

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