A Sunshine Gem: Loose Canary Diamond: Everything You Want to Know

Suppose we have a diamond with a color like we have in the morning when the sun rises in the warm summer period. That is a loose canary diamond, the most beautiful and highly valued diamond that is yellow in color. In contrast to other diamonds that may not have color, canary diamonds feature an amazing color that makes canary quite special in the list of known gems.

In this article you will get an appreciation of the loose canary diamonds or else you will be taken through a step by step guide of factors that you should consider concerning these brilliant stones. In this episode, we shall delve on the genesis of these gemstones, how they are formed, how they are classified by their value factors, amongst other topics; besides that, looking at the potential of these gemstones for the creation of exclusively unique jewelry.

The Appeal of Canary Yellow

Unlike the diamond stones that most people know, canary diamonds are in a category of fancy color diamonds. The fact is that the shade of yellow that they have, comes from the inclusion of nitrogen to the crystal structure of diamond. The more nitrogen there is in the pigment, the more vibrant the yellow goes from a light lemon to a deep canary. 

In fact the term ‘canary diamond’ itself is not a measure of any particular shade by which the diamond would be classified. However, it mostly relates to vivid fancy yellow diamonds with a moderate to high visibility of the yellow color. These stones give out luster and heat that no munition can produce therefore making these stones admired by jewelry lovers.

History of Canary Diamonds

For centuries Canary Diamond has been shining on the world, in the Jewelry box of Royals and Nobles. UK BAP records show that they were present in India already in the 11th century. exclamation Yet, it was in the 18th century that canary diamonds started gaining more fame among Europe’s society. exclamation

The famous Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, also appreciated these warm stones and used them in her jewelry. Although-the canary diamond was being produced throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries it remained associated with the setting of the leading jewelers such as Cartier and Tiffany & Co.

How Canary Diamonds are Formed?

Both the colorless and colored diamonds are created under high pressure and temperature in the Earth’s mantle. Thus, in canary diamonds, nitrogen atoms are presented at the time of this particular formation creating a unique crystal structure and hence the yellow hue.

The specific kind of yellow is underlined by the concentration and distribution of nitrogen within the diamond. Furthermore, even in this type of ingredient there are small impurities as hydrogen which also allows the color of a yellow tint to achieve a more brownish or greenish shade.

Factors affecting the Price of Loose Canary Diamond

Similar to any other gemstone, the price of a loose canary diamond depends on the following aspects. These include:

  • Color: This depends on the intensity and purity of the yellow color exhibited by the banana. Generally, as with most colors, deeper shades of the highlighted yellow color would be more expensive than the lighter variants. 
  • Cut: According to the kind of cut given to the diamond, one is capable of maximizing its brilliance and fire thus the beauty of the canary diamond. Some of the more regular cuts for a canary diamond are round, oval, and cushion.
  • Clarity: Some of these we call inclusions, which are flaws and internal characteristics on the diamond, and blemishes that are external characteristics on the diamond also influence the value of the diamond. Normally, the transparent diamonds having fewer and smaller commentators are of high value. 
  • Carat Weight: That’s why larger canary diamonds are harder to find, and therefore would cost more. However, carat weight must be used with cut and color to form a collective element of diamond quality. 

Ethical Considerations: Choosing a Canary Diamond

The concept of ethical Diamonds is dominating the market consciousness of the people. When it comes to obtaining a loose canary diamond, it is recommended to get it from a trustworthy jeweler who complies with the correct standards regarding that. Seek for gems with a certificate from GIA or KPCS that were formed as a means of ensuring responsible mining of the diamonds.

Design Ideas with Loose Canary Diamonds 

Theater cut canary diamonds can be used in an unlimited manner when designing elegant jewelries. That is why crystals are great for large items such as the cocktail rings, large earrings or large pendants. They can also be used in fine jewelry pieces that are more traditional such as engagement rings or the famous tennis bracelets, and give the timeless looks a little twist of the sunny color.

Matching canary diamonds to other stones is also quite easy because the diamond can easily stand out or complement another gemstone. White pearls may be complemented by white diamonds for a classic look or simply-opt for black diamonds, sapphires or emeralds. In essence, the designs are endless making it possible to create a marvelous piece that suits one’s personality.


With the already mentioned white diamonds, loose canary diamonds show a rather fascinating option. The exciting aspect of yellow, the historical background, and important opportunities connected with the ethical mining makes them gain popularity among people interested in acquiring an extraordinary and sunny stone, free of any evil associations. exclamation However, people who are intrigued by their intensity of shine or people who value simplicity and purity are sure to see a chance of numerous generations inheriting the loose canaries as family treasures.

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