How a New York Lawyer Can Maximize Your Compensation

Suffering an injury in a slip-and-fall accident due to someone else’s negligence can lead to stress and uncertainty. An experienced New York Slip and Fall Lawyer knows what it takes to win a case. Knowledgeable lawyers can conduct investigations to gather evidence and interview witnesses to strengthen your claim. Your lawyer will work alongside doctors, medical experts, and other outside experts to build a robust case so you get maximum compensation. 

Thorough Understanding Of Personal  Injury Laws

Personal injury laws are complex and can vary from state to state, so it’s crucial to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer who can guide you through the legal process. 

There are aspects of personal injury law that the layman is unaware of, which is why people with attorneys get higher settlements from the insurance company.

A slip-and-fall accident lawyer has a thorough understanding of the laws about your specific situation. They know the legal requirements you have to meet to establish negligence, liability, and damages. Your lawyer will help you better understand personal injury laws. 

This will allow you to be an active participant in your case. You will be able to communicate effectively with your lawyer, provide them with the necessary information, and make informed decisions throughout the process. This collaboration will help maximize your compensation. 

Gathering Evidence

To build a robust case, you’ll need evidence to prove that the other party was responsible for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer can help you gather compelling evidence.

The quality and potency of the evidence in a personal injury claim can significantly impact the claim’s value and validity.

At Gregory Spektor And Associates, our lawyers collect essential evidence that includes police and accident reports, medical records, witness statements, surveillance footage, expert testimonies, and accident scene photographs, videos, or diagrams to support the claim’s validity. 

The lawyers at our New York personal injury law firm have the expertise and resources to investigate your case to determine liability. Proving liability serves as the foundation of your claim. Liability connects your injuries to the negligence of the other party. 

To prove liability, your lawyer will demonstrate that the at-fault party was obligated to a duty of care. The at-fault party breached the duty of care by doing something out of the ordinary that was negligent. This negligence caused an accident, resulting in injuries. 

Determining The Value Of Your Claim 

Slip and fall injury victims may have no inkling of the actual value of their claims. 

Your injuries may require further treatment or impair your ability to earn a livelihood in the future. 

At Gregory Spektor And Associates, our lawyers will consider the costs of hospitalizations, surgeries, prescription medications, medical equipment, rehabilitative care, and at-home care to calculate your claim’s worth. Our seasoned lawyers also consider the impact of your injuries on your career, dependents, mental health, and how you deal with pain and suffering. Our slip and fall lawyers in New York know the significance of pursuing compensation for expenses on therapy and lifestyle changes and seek damages for emotional distress, pain, and suffering. 

Negotiating Settlements

Skilled lawyers often have to persuade, pressure, or nudge insurers to respect an accident victim’s rights and offer a just settlement. At Gregory Spektor And Associates, our attorneys review your insurance policy and check the policy limits and coverage types. After determining the value of your claim, we will send the insurance company a demand letter – demanding compensation up to the policy limit. 

Contact A New York Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident in New York, you may wonder who is to blame and whether you have any grounds for financial recovery.

An experienced slip-and-fall lawyer at Gregory Spektor And Associates can assess the circumstances of your accident and outline the best way to proceed. Our elite legal team knows how to maximize settlements and verdicts for our clients and can protect their interests in complicated slip-and-fall accident cases. Contact our New York personal injury law firm to schedule a free, confidential consultation about your slip-and-fall accident. 

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